The collaboration with the Tunisian Automobile Federation has been extended to include the National Tourism Office. Their Madrid delegation were who initially encouraged, supported and helped us to undertake the challenge of organizing the Tunisie Challenge Spring Edition 2022, which will be held from 8 to 17 of April.

Their staff have allowed us to speed up the event organization, providing us with on the ground contacts of vital importance for coordinating all the necessary institutions involved in the Tunisie Challenge Spring 2022. Coordination has been vital to ensure all parties involved are in harmony to make this first edition a success.

Thanks to their work and that of the National Tourism Office, with whom we first met while carrying out the February reconnaissance, we were able to personally contact the tourism delegates of each and every area through which the event will pass, allowing us to Learn much more about the possibilities of each area, both in terms of infrastructure and terrain, and providing our participants with the best possible route, along with maximum safety.