What to expect


Tunisia off the beaten track

Tunisia has an enormous cultural heritage, a vestige of its vast history as a route between East and West in Northern Africa. It boasts seven UNESCO  World Heritage places and monuments that attest to this cultural wealth: the ruins of Carthage (founded by the Phoenicians and destroyed then rebuilt by the Romans), the archaeological site of Dougga (a city of Roman origin with a well preserved, spectacular theater with more than 3,500 seats, or the imposing Temple of Juno. El Jem (an extraordinarily well-preserved urban setting that contains an impressive Colosseum inspired by the one in Rome) and Kerkouane (a small Punic Pompeii dating from the 3rd century BC), as well as spectacular medinas in Tunis, Kairouan and Sousse, each with its own particularities. Other highlights in Tunisia include its impressive landscapes, from the long Mediterranean coast, including the island of Djerba (the island of the Lotus eaters in Homer’s Odyssey) and which is accessed by a road suspended over the sea, passing through the Grand Ergh Oriental and the always impressive desert with its dunes. The palm groves of Douz between rivers of sand. The small oases of El Chott El-Jerid and its spectacular canyons between mountain roads. The cities of Tamerza and Mides, or the Ksour; the Berber cities carved out of stone with their peculiar ghorfas, designed for grain storage.

Tunisia’s vast expanses of sand and rock inspired George Lucas to use them as a backdrop for his Star Wars films, Tattaoine served him as the arid lands of the planet Tatooine, shelter of the sand dwellers. Today, you can still visit the sets built for the famous saga: from the city of Mos Espa, the exteriors of the Lars’ homestead, Anakin Skywalker’s house, or the Mos Eisley canteen (on the island of Djerba). And if we visit Matmata we will discover that many locals dress in the cloaks that Lucas borrowed for the Jedi Knights’ get-up. In short, an absolute paradise for lovers of the roughest terrain, in a simply spectacular setting.


A playfield for instinct and emotions

No matter what your expectations may be, the Tunisie will always surprise you. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a personal challenge or to putyourself to the test, form a team and share a unique experience, compete, escape from your routine, leave your comfort zone, have an adventure… Once you cross the starting arch, everything can change… The Tunisie is a unique event, with a spirit entirely of its own, that allows inexperienced teams to end up in better positions than experienced pilots and your own expectations to change with each stage and, of course, with each Tunisie.  Only two things are guaranteed, the first is that this event is both a team challengeand a personal challenge, that each participant will experience differently andthe second is that you’ll find plenty of adventure. This is currently one of the events for amateurs with the highest participation, the most international, the most media oriented, and with services very similar to those of much more professional events. We are pioneers in the use of current technologies, communication, social networks, live satellite tracking of all participants and a 3G rating system that allows online updating of all teams, practically in real time (a unique system designed exclusively for the Tunisie). We have implemented improvements in each and every edition, because improvements increase our participants’ safety and allow us to increase the ruggedness of each event, each edition. The challenge is on.


Stays with you beyond the venue

We have decided to create a unique community: the Tunisie Challenge CampFire. A platform in which participants can meet, interact and create new synergies. This community pretends to be a manual of experiences, knowledge and trainingfor those who seek information about our event.If you are already a participant or are thinking of joining us, don’t hesitate to create your own profile, you will access information about the Maroc in general and about each edition, you can publish your news and photos, you will have access to the Tunisie forum (where you can share or consult experiences), or getin touch with groups of participants from your area or country. Being part of the Tunisie community also comes with a prize: with our “Top Members”ranking, we know which of you are most active. The more you communicate, the more you share or help other members, the more distinctions, advantages andeven gifts you can obtain.