How to participate

Take a pick from your type of vehicle and level of experience.


Accessible to all teams that wish to participate with SUV’s or 4×4’s following the same route as the cars.


Accessible to all teams with or without experience in Raids who wish to participate with cars, SUVs or 4x4s, with different routes depending on the vehicle.


Only accessible to well prepared 4×4 vehicles above 2,300 cm3. In order to participate you must have participated at least once in the Adventure category, or certify having participated in any other type of event with the same degree of difficulty.



We sometimes find a large amount of teams sporting the same vehicle in the same edition of the Tunisie. As of 10 teams we introduce a Brand Trophy, in previous editions we have had a Fiat Panda trophy, a Suzuki samurai or a Nissan Patrol trophy. Same vehicle, same conditions, same adventure but with a specific classification as well as the general classification.


More and more women’s teams are participating in the latest editions of the Tunisie Challenge, but the truth is that from the organization we wish there were still more. That’s why we encourage women’s teams (both driver and copilot).


We are rather competitive in the Tunisie… If you are part of a club, if you are a large group of people who wish to participate and have a trophy made to your measure all you must do is contact the organization and we will see what we can do.For any questions or information regarding this trophy please contact



  • GPS or tablet with GPS

  • GPS to computer connector cable for verification by the Organization

  • 1 spare Wheel minimum

  • Basic tool kit

  • Puncture Repair Kit

  • A tow-rope and two shackles (minimum 8 meters)

  • Compressor

  • A mechanical or hydraulic jack

  • A shovel

  • 12V power outlet connected directly to the battery to power the STELLA III on the dashboard

  • Sand plates or similar (all categories)

  • Jerrycan, minimum 10 litres (for vehicles with a range of less than 400km)

  • Sump guard (obligatory 4×2 vehicles/optional 4×4)


  • Fire Extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit

  • 1 spare Wheel minimum

  • Mobile phone with activated roaming or a Tunisian SIM card

  • Drinking water

  • Torch and batteries

  • Thermal blanket

  • Lighter