The best solution is prevention. Safety is a priority in the Tunisie Challenge and regulations are very strict, especially regarding speed. Teams that don’t comply with the event’s guidelines, regulations and safety standards will be severely penalized.

All vehicles will be equipped with the STELLA III security system, used in such events as the American Bajas or national championships, provides the same benefits as the Iritrack system used in the Dakar.

Stella III installation will take place during technical checks. This system allows the organization to pinpoint each vehicle’s location in real time along each stage. It also offers participants the possibility of requesting both mechanical or medical assistance.

The event’s route runs through deserted and sparsely inhabited areas, which is why the Tunisie Challenge organization provides rescue vehicles in case of a breakdown or accident. These vehicles with medical and health personnel are strategically placed at the head, middle and tail of the stage’s route.