The second edition of the Tunisie Challenge arrives full of new ideas and we can already announce a couple of them just four days into the reconnaissance.

First of all, we would like to inform you that the rally starting point, where the verifications will also take place, will be the tourist town of Hammamet. The second novelty is that the first special will start out from the beach with a 25-kilometre route geared to living an unforgettable adventure right from the word go.

Matmata, which will see the end of the first stage, is also a very interesting place and those lucky enough to arrive early will be able to explore the locations where various scenes from Star Wars were filmed. At the Hotel Sidi Driss, various scenes of Luke Skywalker’s ‘uncles’ place were shot. Another point of interest and well worth a visit are the spectacular troglodyte houses scattered around the town.

We are travelling across Tunisia scouting and verifying an extensively renovated route in which the sand and dunes will once again be the main protagonists. The event will take place between October 28 and November 3. We are searching for landscapes to suit all types and tastes, tailored to each category and the characteristics of the different participating vehicles.

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