The Premium Pack, a vehicle hire service for participants, that already works successfully in the Maroc Challenge, will now also be available in the Tunisie Challenge starting with the upcoming edition, to be held from October 9 to 18, 2024.

Due to the difficulties in renting prepared, off-road vehicles in Tunisia and the high demand for the few that are available, we announce the incorporation of the Premium Pack option for the Tunisie Challenge.

The Premium Pack option is designed, mainly, for those adventure enthusiasts who want to participate in this exciting competition without using their own vehicle or who prefer not to prepare one, but also for those who want to save themselves a long road trip and also, in this case, the long Mediterranean crossing.

The Premium Pack includes all participation fees and transportation of the vehicle to the technical verifications in Tunisia, allowing participants to arrive by plane directly to Tunis, avoiding the ferry trip.  Please note: accommodation and fuel during the event are not included in the fee.

All vehicles included in the Premium Pack are Nissan Patrol, known for their tough ruggedness and with all the basic upgrades to take on the adventure with guarantees, equipped with everything you will need to enjoy driving at its best.  We currently have both 3 and 5 door chassis.  However, in response to growing demand and the evolution of our customers’ profile, we have decided to expand and improve the services of our Premium Packs.

We are now incorporating new models from the Nissan range into the program.  In addition to the current Nissan Patrol 260, we have added the Nissan Patrol GR Y60 and Y61 to the fleet, offering three levels of preparation:

  • Nissan Patrol 260 with improved configuration.
  • Nissan Patrol 260 with upgraded setup and King Shocks suspension.
  • Nissan Patrol GR Y60 and Y61 with BMW 3.0 engine and King Shocks suspension.

For more information, please visit our website at the following link:, or contact us by email:

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Tunisie Challenge with all the facilities offered by the Premium Pack!