We have finished tracing the  outlines of the first edition of the Tunisie Challenge and discovered a country that has thrilled us and promises  a high-level event.

After passing through Tunis, the capital, Sfax and Tozeur, with an obligatory stop at Mos Espa and the Lars farm, mythical backdrops from the Star Wars movie, we entered the Saharan desert to reach Douz and Ksar Ghilane.  The sand and dunes of the Grand Oriental Erg soon dominated the landscape and surprised us both with their beauty and their immensity, captivating us with their rich variety of forms.

As you probably already know, the route will be adapted to each category, allowing us all to enjoy it to the fullest. The common denominator, however, is definitely going to be the sand.

It will be a real challenge for everyone. Visiting a new country always promises plenty of adventure and even while we were starting from scratch these days, exploring the country has allowed us to discover some of the most impressive places Tunisia has to offer.

Our goal is to find the best spots and create an itinerary for an unforgettable Tunisie Challenge.