This May we return to Tunisia to scout the route for the third edition of the Tunisie Challenge, which will take place from October 11 to 20.

The aim we have set ourselves for this reconnaissance is to discover new places, redesign the stages as much as possible and wrap up the design of the next route in situ.

The event will start in Hammamet and end in Djerba after five intense days. We are working hard to ensure the itinerary passes through as many new areas as possible while still keeping in all the best stretches of sand and dunes, as always, with the degree of difficulty adapted to each individual category. This is going to be a very intense and protracted recon, with the aim of checking out as much new terrain as possible to incorporate into the rally’s itinerary.

As an appetiser, we can let you know that one of the highlights of the event will be  it both begins and ends with beach driving. On the first day, no sooner do we leave Hammamet, there will be a 30-kilometre stretch along the sea shore. At the other end of the event, Arriving on Djerba, there will also be another great stretch of about 10 kilometres along the beach.

From Tozeur onwards, which we should reach by the end of the first stage, we embark on a huge adventure, entering the desert, the sands and the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental, which will take centre stage for three spectacular days that will be as demanding as they are rewarding and will undoubtedly bring out the best in all of us.

Another novelty of this third edition is that the third stage will end in Tembaine, in the heart of the Jebil National Park, where the now traditional camp will be located. A whole new area full of possibilities for the Tunisie Challenge teams to discover and enjoy and where the bivouac will await us in a dune area. The routes, as always, will be tailored to each of the individual categories.