The first edition of the Tunisie Challenge, which will take place from April 8 to 17, will be fully partnered with the Tunisian Automobile Federation.

The collaboration began when we carried out the first reconnaissance and made contact with its president, Hatem Ben Youssef. Since then we have developed an increasingly close relationship and have reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

The Tunisian Automobile Federation will be in charge of coordinating the various departments involved in the authorisation of the Tunisie Challenge Spring Edition – Customs, Tourism, Security and Police – and its commissioners will accompany us throughout the event. That is, from the time we disembark at the Port of Carthage, near Tunis, until the event ends on the Island of Djerba. Their aim is to assist us in everything necessary to ensure the event runs smoothly and make things easier for us in this great new adventure we are about to undertake.