The first edition of the Tunisie Challenge has reached its conclusion on the island of Djerba leaving us feeling that we have overcome one of the most difficult and demanding challenges we have faced so far.

The Spring 2022 has been a tough adventure, which in some stages has exceeded our expectations, however 86 of the 123 teams that set out made the finishing line, a resounding success brought about by their character, strong will, resolve, and camaraderie.

We promised that the sand and dunes would be the main protagonists of this first edition in Tunisia and in the end the route was harder than even we had imagined at first, but this made the rewards even greater. The Challenge has been outstanding, from the first day to the last, but especially stages 3 (Tozeur-Douz) and 4 (Douz-Ksar Ghilane), that were markedly different from previous experiences.

We have come face to face with extreme adventure and for the first time the sand and dunes have been the main protagonists across all categories. The car category has gone through some really unimaginable places, the Adventure category were able to really put themselves to the test in the sand and the Raid category overcame dozens of kilometers dodging seemingly never-ending dunes. The Tunisie Challenge Spring 2022 has been a great experience for everyone.

It is now time to take stock and make some changes in order to improve many aspects. Now, with this first edition completed, we are already working on the second Tunisie Challenge, which will take place in October. The premise will be the same: to put ourselves to the test with large doses of sand and adventure in the immensity of the Grand Erg Oriental dunes.

The adventure has exceeded all expectations.

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